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KSU Endowments aims to strengthen university financial ability and support to programs and activities that contribute to leading KSU to be a world-class university including research and education development, and supporting the interaction of the university with the community.  In particular, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. Supporting KSU financial resources to fund quality programs to improve university status on all aspects,
  2. Financing research and technology programs that serves humanity and supports economies of knowledge-based society and the development of our country,
  3. Attracting and providing incentives to distinguished faculty members and researchers and supporting them to excel in their careers,
  4. Improving the utilization of all KSU resources: human, facilities and infrastructure,
  5. Supporting university hospitals in the endeavors of treatment from chronic diseases,
  6. Financing KSU international research labs,
  7. Supporting charity programs and social support projects.